Communities SOLABLE is Helping Create

Working towards a better future,
while making a happier tomorrow for the planet.

The Japan Asia Group (JAG), SOLABLE's predecessor, advocated to "Save the Earth" and "Make Communities Green," by working to create safe, secure, and sustainable development projects and green communities in the areas it served.
Under our new SOLABLE banner, we promise to carry on the management philosophies that have served as JAG's foundation up until now and, with ever stronger commitment, continue to take on new initiatives to help realize a better future for all—just as we have always done.
SOLABLE has brought together a group of corporations who are working as one to solve a range of social and global issues through technological innovation in order to contribute to human society and create a happier tomorrow for all the living things on this planet that have been nurtured by the blessings of the sun. Taking a global perspective to the challenges it tackles, SOLABLE shines new light on the communities of this planet, while promoting eco-friendly community development.

Our Promises

  • We will always confront matters head on and work with great integrity to address the challenges we face.

  • We will analyze and consider matters from a future-oriented perspective based on diverse viewpoints.

  • We will embrace positive transformation, challenges, and harmony.

  • We will create value with the courage to take a step into the unknown.

Main Message

In 1998, chairman Tetsuo Yamashita founded our company with the aim of creating and cultivating green communities. Since then, we have made sure to respond rapidly to the needs of the times by anticipating up-and-coming trends and shifting the core of our business from finance to spatial information and new social infrastructures, such as renewable energy.
Today, we are building up the assets and businesses that are indispensable for solving a variety of global social problems. As a pure holding company, we promise to continue developing new businesses by cultivating the professional talent required and allocating management resources in the most appropriate manner possible. We stand committed to the challenge of making a happier tomorrow for our planet.
With the spirit of our founding firmly in mind, we will continue to contribute to society as part of our corporate motto and will aim to be a corporate group that is increasingly loved and trusted by all of our stakeholders.


Shinichi Nishida

SOLABLE Company Profile

Company Name SOLABLE Inc.
Structure Pure Holding Company
Capital 100 million yen
Shareholders Green Project Ltd. 77% 
Executives and staff, etc. 23%
Directors Directors Chairman        Tetsuo Yamashita
President               Shinichi Nishida
Managing Executive Officer & CFO   Kazunobu Watanabe
Executive Officer          Tomoyuki Katsuta
Executive Officer          Yosuke Yamashita
Group Sales 29.4 billion yen
Total Group Assets 34.1 billion yen (FY ending March 2023)
Group Companies 25 (FY ending March 2023)
Group Employees 1,736 (FY ending March 2023)
Account Closing Month End of March
Head Office 14F JP Tower 7-2, Marunouchi, 2-chome Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-7014

Group History

Dec 1998 Tetsuo Yamashita founded the company with the aim of creating green communities.
Apr 2004 Japanasia Financial Service Co.,Ltd. become a subsidiary.
Apr 2008 KHC Ltd. became a subsidiary.
Nov 2017 Sakazume Seizaisho became a subsidiary.
Apr 2018 Xacti Corporation became a subsidiary.
Jul 2018 Primus Tech Pte. Ltd. became a subsidiary.
Feb 2019 JAG Forest Co., Ltd. was established and took over our forest revitalization business.
Mar 2019 KHC Ltd. was listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.(Current TSE Standard Market)
Aug 2019 Kimura Sangyo Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary.
Jul 2020 PXP Corporation was Co-founded with engineers.
Nov 2021 Business was transferred to JAG Co.,Ltd. following corporate separation of the Japan Asia Group.
Jan 2023 Company name was changed from JAG Co., Ltd. to SOLABLE Inc.
Feb 2023 Company name was changed from Japanasia Financial Service Co.,Ltd. to DX Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
Jul 2023 Company name was changed from JAG Forest Co., Ltd to SOLABLE Forest Inc.
Apr 2024 SOLABLE Trading Inc was founded.